Crest Marine’s Joe Curran leaving company

Joe Curran, former managing partner of Crest Marine, has resigned his position with the Michigan-based pontoon manufacturer.

"In all businesses, we evaluate what needs to happen to create growth and improvement, as well as sustain that growth," Curran said in a statement. "As partners, we have come to the conclusion that I am resigning from Crest on a full-time basis. Instead, I will be dedicated to creating and developing new products as an external resource."

Along with CEO Patrick Fenton and CFO Patrick May, Curran acquired Maurell Products in 2010, renamed it Crest Marine and relaunched the Crest pontoon brand.

"We would be equally remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to Thank Joe for all he has done to ensure the re-birth of Crest has been successful," Joe Antonneau, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, said. "His passion, hard work and dedication to Crest will not be forgotten. I can assure you that Joe will be missed, however, although he has resigned from Crest on a permanent basis, he will continue to help guide Crest in various capacities as we continue to evolve."

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