PierVantage releases new capabilities

In its newest functionality release, PierVantage rolls out powerful capabilities designed to help boatyards and boat builders manage their projects and workforce more efficiently. “As our customers experience the transformational impact that PierVantage has on the efficiency of their business, they continue to refine their critical processes and request additional capabilities that we implement several times each year,” said Navroze Eduljee, CEO.

PierVantage continues to gain momentum both in the Boatyard and Boat Building space. “We are signing up customers at a nice clip right now, said Greg Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “New customers are telling us, they not only want PierVantage to help them run their business, they NEED PierVantage because they desire better tools to keep up with the demand of their product and services. We are filling a need out there for a modern Cloud-Based software solution, they can access anywhere, anytime, said Miller.”

This is the second major release for 2014. Here are the major new functionality highlights:

  • Project Management Module: This module gives project managers integrated Gantt Charts, providing a quick visual representation of project start and end dates for individual projects as well as across projects to plan for resource conflicts. Drill down to specific tasks and make project date adjustments as often as needed. To view a brief video on this new module, click on the following link: http://www.piervantage.com/project-management-module-video/
  • Workforce Scheduling Module: This module lets managers schedule hours across multiple jobs, for multiple employees, over multiple days within a single
    screen. Managers can make informed scheduling decisions with the ability to view estimated and actual hours for each task, as well as available and scheduled hours for each employee: To view a brief video on this new module, click on the following link: http://www.piervantage.com/workforce-management-module-education-video-2/

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