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ValvTect announces marketing partnership with Association of Marina Industries

By ValvTect Petroleum

NORTHBROOK, Ill. -- ValvTect Petroleum is pleased to announce its new joint marketing partnership with the Association of Marina Industries (AMI).

Starting immediately, all new Certified ValvTect Marinas will have an opportunity to become a first time member of AMI at no charge to the marina for their first year of AMI Membership, which runs from April 1 to March 31. The first year of new membership will be paid entirely by ValvTect Petroleum Products for marinas who are joining the ValvTect Marine Fuels program.

Jerry Nessenson, President of ValvTect Petroleum Products, welcomes AMI to the growing network of top marine industry associations and organizations partnering with ValvTect to offer exclusive discounts and special promotions to Certified ValvTect Marinas and fuel docks nationwide offering ValvTect Marine Fuels. “As a former AMI board member and strong advocate of the association, I am pleased to help increase AMI membership by supporting this program,” Nessenson said. “I am confident that once marina operators understand the important work AMI does on behalf of the marina industry and marina operators, they will see the value of being an AMI member,” he added.

“AMI is looking forward to working with ValvTect Petroleum Products. We welcome all Certified ValvTect Marinas to join AMI,” said Jeff Rose, AMI Chair.

To become a new member of AMI, new ValvTect Marinas will submit a special AMI Application Form to ValvTect, which is available from their Certified ValvTect Marine Fuel Distributor, local ValvTect Sales Representatives, or by contacting ValvTect.

For more information about AMI, call Merritt Alves at 1+866.367.6622 or visit www.marinaassociation.org. For more information about ValvTect Petroleum Products or to learn about other special offers exclusively for Certified ValvTect Marinas, visit www.valvtect.com or call 1+800.728.8258.

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