Centek discounts environmental products for ValvTect Marine fuel marinas

HOMASVILLE, Ga. – Centek Industries is participating in the 2014 ValvTect Partnership Marketing Program and now offers discounts to Certified ValvTect Marinas on the following environmental products.

Oil Spill Containment and Cleanup Products:

  • The Sheen Devil™

Contain and remove oil from water surface. 10-foot interconnecting sections infused with Mycelx – capture oil, not water. Span bodies of water or deploy between two vessels.

  • Terraguard™

Stop and absorb oil before it reaches the shore line. Absorb bulk amounts of oil above and below water surface. 10-foot interconnecting sections. Effective in rough water and unaffected by tidal movement.

  • Versimat™

Absorption of light and medium oils including crude oil. 55” x 10’ size allows over 45 square feet of contact area. Design allows connection to other 10-foot sections and can be used as a Sweep. Depending on use, oil capacity 60-120 gallons.

The Sheen Devil, Terraguard and Versimat are infused with patented Mycelx™, which binds on contact with hydrocarbon pollution and does not absorb water.

  • BilgeKleen™ Filter System To Prevent Overboard Discharge of Oil & Fuel

Specially designed to fit a wide range of vessels, the BilgeKleen™ filter system automatically removes oil, gas, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbon pollutants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard.

The patented system uses a filtering medium that binds to hydrocarbons and allows water to pass through freely. As a result, over 99.9% of the hydrocarbon pollutants are captured with no increase in pressure to the bilge pump. The BilgeKleen System installs easily to the bilge pump discharge line and includes an absorbent pad for the bilge sump area to capture harmful contaminants where they form.

A variety of BilgeKleen System sizes are available to fit almost any bilge space or application from runabouts to commercial vessels and is available from marine products dealers across the US and internationally.

For more information about these and other Centek products, visit www.centekindustries.com. For information about the discounts available to Certified ValvTect Marinas via the ValvTect Partnership Marketing program email Bill Arwood, barwood@centekindustries.com or call 1+229.228.7653. For information about ValvTect Marine Fuels, visit www.valvtect.com.

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