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Baja Marine forms alliance with Freedom Boat Club

By Baja Marine

WASHINGTON, N.C. –  Baja Marine, manufacturer of the Baja, Pro-Line, Donzi and Fountain performance powerboat brands, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term Alliance with Freedom Boat Club, to provide Pro-Line and Baja boats to the Club’s nationwide network of operations. The Freedom Boat Club is an Asset Sharing Model association currently with 82 locations across the country, serving over 8,000 members with access to a fleet of boats.

“This is a great boating alternative that we are very pleased to support”, said Baja Marine’s CEO, Johnny Walker. “We look forward to having Freedom Boat Club Members members use our products and enjoy boating in them all over the country.

“In today’s environment it takes creative, out-of-the-box thinking to get 8,000 boaters on the water. This is a program that we can get behind,” Walker continued. “The people at Freedom Boat Club have been great to work with, and this Alliance will add to the growing production backlog for Pro-Line and Baja for years to come.”

John Giglio, President and CEO of Freedom Boat Club, commented, “With brands like Pro-Line and Baja, we will continue to give our members the quality product they deserve and have come to expect.”


  1. Sad great name but no boats and no dealers what has happened?

  2. Baja USED to have a name, now they are just rental boats, same for Pro Line.

  3. Boat clubs may be part of the future, but they are not the future of our industry. 8000 boaters using how many boats, less than a 1000, less than 500? Not exactly inspiring production numbers.

    Walker's comments are smoke and mirrors. If he has a big backlog now, with no dealers, I would be surprised.

  4. This is great news! Boat clubs are the future. With a stagnant economy and rising boat prices, FBC is only going to continue to grow.

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