MRAA partners with Jeffrey Gitomer to launch Virtual Training System

MINNEAPOLIS — The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has partnered with sales, customer loyalty and personal development guru Jeffrey Gitomer to launch the MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System.

Boasting 297 modules, 29 in-depth webinars, 5 introductory modules, 4 bonus modules and a new Power Lesson uploaded every week, the MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System is an online training portal that Gitomer and the MRAA are making available to MRAA members at the click of a button. The depth and breadth of content has been designed to support the training needs of even the most dedicated teams and is relevant and applicable to every dealership, no matter the size or level of sophistication.

“Through this partnership, MRAA members can access the most comprehensive virtual training tool the marine industry has ever seen,” says Gitomer. “Not only does this system offer dealers the ability to sharpen their team’s skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, but in it, I tackle topics that your entire staff can put to use to improve your results, whether they answer the phones, stand behind the service desk or walk the showroom selling boats.”

To maintain high levels of performance throughout the year, dealers need training resources that can fit into their staff’s work flow. The MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System meets that criteria. It can be quickly and easily accessed via tablet, smart phone or computer. And many of these modules are five minutes or less in length, which makes it easy for dealers to keep their team in top form year-round.

“It can be incredibly difficult to find the time to train, especially during the busy season,” say Liz Walz, MRAA Director of Education. “This system solves that problem by offering hard-hitting, practical advice on how to sell more and develop stronger customer relationships in small, bite-size chunks. Now, you can create a culture of training that brings your entire team together and transforms your marine business into a sales and customer service powerhouse.”

This easy-to-navigate portal provides a Training Center, featuring hundreds of modules; Power Lessons that are updated every week; a Report Card, which allows you to track your progress; My Favorites, where you can bookmark sessions; and MRAA Training Recommendations, a guide to eight key topics that are key to marine dealer success. They include information on how to Get Motivated, Generate More Prospects, Set Yourself Apart, Get Away from Price, Ask the Right Questions, Overcome Barriers and Objections, Earn the Sale (aka Closing), and Keep Customers Coming Back.

As an added bonus to the system, companies that subscribe can access powerful management tools that allow managers to track their employees’ training progress, view their test scores and even assign modules to help team members overcome their weaknesses.

“Let’s not forget the most important part,” adds Walz. “Your team isn’t going to invest much effort into their training unless they believe it will allow them to achieve better results. MRAA has partnered with Jeffrey Gitomer because we understand the challenges marine businesses like yours face every day, and we’re confident that your team will be able to put his real-world advice, strategies and ideas into place the minute they finish each module.”

To learn more, inquire about pricing and subscribe today, visit or contact Liz Walz at or 315-692-4533.

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