MRAA, Baird launch the Marine Retailer Pulse Report

MINNEAPOLIS — The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and the research division of Robert W. Baird have partnered to take a regular pulse of the marine industry, launching a first-of-its-kind monthly Marine Retailer Pulse Report.

The Marine Retailer Pulse Report gives MRAA members an in-depth view of key indicators driving the marine industry. The monthly data, generated by boat and engine dealers from across North America, will provide a window into the health of marine retail by aggregating retail perspectives on recent industry trends. It will also help MRAA and Baird establish the first Marine Retailer Sentiment Index, which will prove valuable over time as trends are established, as Baird has done in the RV industry.

“This is an incredible tool for our members to tap into as they look to gauge the trends across the industry,” says Matt Gruhn, President of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas. “These Pulse Reports will share very important data that will allow us to identify important trends and will allow us to assess the trends on the front lines of the marine industry.”

The Pulse Report not only charts such critical information as new boat retail demand, inventory levels, and access to credit on a monthly basis, but it also will dive into trending topics that are affecting retail and small business activity. In January, for example, the survey looks into the business impact of the Affordable Care Act. The full monthly Pulse Report will provide dealer commentary on the survey data, in addition to context from macro economic indicators.

The first Marine Retailer Pulse Report was published in January and is available to MRAA Members at It includes 28 pages of data and insight collected from the survey, as well third party aggregate data that provides a broader picture of the marine retail environment. And finally, Baird provides an analyst’s report along with the survey data, adding even further context. The next Pulse Report will be released in early February.



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