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New membership alliance between AMI & KY/TN MTA

By Association of Marina Industries

WARREN, RI -- The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and the Kentucky/Tennessee Marina Associations (KY/TN MA) have entered into a membership alliance that will welcome all KY/TN MA members as full members of AMI with access to all membership services and benefits in addition to their membership to KY/TN MA.

This agreement builds off of the success the groups have had working together. Over the last three years the two groups have worked to revise the Chipley Act - which was the electric shock drowning of Samantha Chipley – and offered up educational opportunities as an alternative to regulation. In support of this, AMI coordinated with ABYC to hold two webinars on electric shock drowning causes and prevention and produced a Best Management Practices for Marina Electrical Safety.

AMI has a history of working with state MTA’s on various topics in the marina industry. This new alliance will give members both regional and national level support in the industry. AMI and KY/TN MTA will collaborate on programs and projects that support and promote marinas and recreational boating in Kentucky and Tennessee. Additional AMI benefits include discounted training and certification, and access to AMI’s network of professional speakers and educators through AMI’s training subsidiary, the International Marina Institute (IMI)

“We are excited for the opportunity to add additional value to KY/TN MTA’s existing membership benefits and extend our reach to a larger marina audience. We see this alliance as an example of how we can work together to ensure state and national cooperation and we hope to include more of these MTA membership alliances.” said Gary Groenewold, AMI Chairman.

“Having the opportunity to work closely with AMI on the Chipley Act and experiencing the success that resulted, we felt that this was a natural progression for the Kentucky/Tennessee Marina Associations. We look forward to exploring the many opportunities this collaboration can provide. The KY/TN MA is committed to building a strong marina industry for the marina operator and the public they serve” said Mark Stafford, Vice President of KY MA.

For more information, visit MarinaAssociation.org or call 866-367-6622.

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