Cooktop manufacturer Kenyon renews partnership with ABA

Clinton, CT – Kenyon International, located in Clinton, CT, has once again been selected by the ABA, American Boatbuilders Association, as the Supplier of Choice for cooking equipment (grills and cooktops).  The agreement extends the partnership between Kenyon and ABA through June 30, 2017.

The American Boatbuilders Association is one of America’s leading buying group for independent boat builders. The ABA is continually striving to acquire the highest quality materials by partnering with key industry suppliers. The association is comprised of 12 leading independent US boat manufacturers from across the nation.

“Kenyon has been an outstanding supplier and our group really appreciates the selection of innovative product that Kenyon brings to the table,” said Jay Patton, President of the American Boatbuilders Association.

Kenyon International, Inc., is now the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty cook tops for residential and recreational uses their 82 years of experience in the marine market to provide excellence through product design, safety, customer care and industry leadership.

“Kenyon enjoys working with the boat builders in the ABA group, we are thrilled and honored to be selected as a supplier of choice for the group,” said Phil Williams, President of Kenyon. He added, “over the past 12 years we have developed some very good friends and are looking forward to working closely together for many more years.”

Kenyon offers boat builders, hotels, distributors and dealers a wide range of electric grills and radiant cooktops all manufactured in the USA.

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