Yamaha 242 Limited S receives Trailer Boats’ 2010 Zenith Award

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Yamaha’s new 242 Limited S sport boat today received Trailer Boats’ 2010 Zenith Award – the top accolade in Trailer Boats Excellence in Design annual awards, a program which seeks to define and recognize what is truly outstanding in boat design, the magazine reported in a statement today.

The presentation by Publisher/Editorial Director Jim Hendricks took place at the Miami International Boat Show. Accepting the award was Yamaha’s WaterCraft Group President Mark Speaks.

“We heartily congratulate and thank Yamaha for pushing the bounds of boat design with the 242 Limited S,” said Hendricks. “It is this kind of vision and risk-taking that the Trailer Boats Excellence in Design Awards program is intended to recognize, and the Zenith Award represents the height of this recognition.”

The 2010 Yamaha 242 Limited S was among a field of 13 designs – all of them Trailer Boats Excellence in Design Award recipients, as featured in the January 2010 issue of Trailer Boats magazine.

From this field, Trailer Boats editors then carefully pored over the winners again, and ultimately selected the boat model that they believe reflects the epitome of outstanding design for 2010 – the Yamaha 242 Limited S.

In recognizing the Zenith Award winner, Trailer Boats Field Editor John Cacciutti writes, “…with the inherent low maintenance of hydro-jet power and all of its innovation, the 242 Limited S is a boat that is a blast to own and drive. And in the end, doesn’t that define and excellent design?”

The full story on the 2010 Zenith Award winner by Cacciutti can be found in the March 2010 issue of Trailer Boats, which goes on sale March 2. The Yamaha 242 Limited S is featured on the cover. Online coverage goes live March 1 at TrailerBoats.com.

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