MDCE, Spader partner to support dealers

Spader Business Management, a long-time supporter of the Marine Retailers Association of America and its national convention, has stepped up again to support the 2009 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. A provider of dealer training, consulting and 20 Group services, Spader Business Management will host 20 Group meetings for all four of its marine dealer groups on the front end of the MDCE, giving its dealers prime opportunity to maximize their travel dollars and attend the educational event, and that’s something President John Spader believes will aid these dealers even further in their growth.
“In this market, this event can be one heck of a good time to get out, take a step back and take a good look at the big picture, in order to learn what’s really going on in the market,” Spader explains. “The only way you can get that type of information in this type of a difficult market is to be in a 20 Group or to attend an event like this.”
Spader Business Management will be exhibiting at the event and will also be providing three sessions of educational content — The Link Between Efficiency & Profitability, by Greg Schneider; The Art & Science of Inventory Management, by Pat Kennedy; and Moving On: The Survivor’s Edition, by John Spader. Spader’s presentation at last year’s convention was the highest-ranked session, as scored by attendees.
“This is a great way for dealers to get out of their businesses and refresh themselves with some new perspectives,” Spader adds. “Even if it’s just one major thing that they can pick up and take home, vs. a bunch of little tips and ideas, it’s well worth the time spent.”

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