NMEA Standard version 2.10 released

SEVERNA PARK, Md. — The National Marine Electronics Association has released version 2.10 of its NMEA 2000 standard, according to a recent release. The group says its standard offers a safe, high-quality means for marine electronics devices to interface and communicate with each other.

The price for the new release is $2,700 for NMEA members and $4,000 for non-members in digital format; or $3,200 for members and $4,500 for non-members for the paper version.

Edition 2.10 includes a full set of eight documents and a new message database Appendix B version 1.300, which includes AIS Class B PGN’s. An electronic version of Appendix B version 1.300 can be purchased separately for $595.

“The marketplace has been asking for NMEA 2000 AIS Class B messages,” Steve Spitzer, NMEA’s Technical Director, said in the release. “Now that AIS Class B products can be sold in the U.S. marketplace, we are sure we will begin to see NMEA 2000 Certified AIS products.”

For more information or to purchase the new standard, go to nmea.org.

Current owners of the NMEA 2000 Standard or owners of the NMEA 2000 Appendix B can download the new Appendix B 1.300 for free, Spitzer said. Contact info@nmea.org for the free download.

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