Testimonials from the 2008 Top 100 Dealers Program

The Top 100 award is a source of pride, not only for us personally, but also for the employees and customers of Lockwood Marine.
Jerry and Michelle Ham
Lockwood Marine

At our 20 Group meeting last week, we all talked about how good a job Boating Industry magazine was doing. We especially felt that the Top 100 contest was helping everyone to improve themselves. I want to thank you for reading all of our applications. It has to be very difficult and tiring. But it is helping, and it is working. The entire boating industry is getting better because of your efforts. Thank you all for your exceptional efforts and service to our industry.
Tom Johnson
Reed’s Marine

Boating Industry, through the Top 100 Dealers Program, deserves great applause from every segment of the marine industry. We hope the benefits to you are as valuable as they are to the rest of us, and that you continue the program. Boaters are receiving a better boating experience as a result. Thank you.
Dan Gau, GM
Wayzata Marine, Inc.

The Top 100 Program has been a great success for the industry and for the boater. I applaud the hard work of the staff of Boating Industry magazine for encouraging the raising of the bar in the recreational marine industry.
Jim Lane
Chaparral Boats

I would like to say a sincere thank you to your group at Boating Industry for caring enough about our industry to initiate this Top 100 process to recognize the efforts of the dealers. I believe it has benefited us all a great deal.
Darrell Wilson
Slalom Shop Boats & Yachts

I would like to take a moment and thank you for creating and continuing to do the Top 100 Dealer Program. I really feel that the Top 100 Program has helped accelerate and elevate our company goals and the goals of our industry. Keep up the GREAT JOB! We appreciate the opportunity to participate and to be considered a Top 100 Dealer for 2008.
Jeffery L. Strong, President
Strong’s Marine

Thanks to this Top 100 application, we have taken time as a family to reflect on all the things we have done during 2007 to improve how we do business and our progress toward the goals we set.
Crowe Marine

Know that I have proudly worn my Top 100 Dealers pin everyday for the past three years, and I think of it as my “red badge of courage,” reminding me to simply do what's right by each employee and each and every customer.
Jane Bellamy
Silver Lake Marine, Inc.

We at Sail & Ski think the Boating Industry Top 100 competition will ultimately be recognized in the history of the marine industry as an event as significant as the Discover Boating and Marine Industry Certification initiatives. In our estimation, there has never been an event that has caused hundreds of marine dealerships to simultaneously examine themselves like the Top 100 program. The benefits of dealerships examining and improving their practices, standards and procedures as a result of participating in the competition will enhance the professionalism of our industry at a pace and to a degree not previously imagined.
We congratulate the staff of Boating Industry for their vision in establishing and continuing the Top 100 Dealer competition. That vision has resulted in Boating Industry magazine becoming a monthly publication for the industry that is eagerly anticipated and that contains content that is consistently beneficial to marine dealership operators of all sizes and current levels of achievement.
Rod Malone, President
Sail & Ski Centers

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work that went into the Top 100. It was an honor to be included in the celebrations.
Paul Nickel, President
Pride Marine Group

I wanted to again thank you for Boating Industry magazine’s involvement in the marine industry. I believe that you and your staff have provided more to the industry than the [other associations] combined. You definitely have a lot of teeth into making this industry better.
David Bair
Quality Boats of Clearwater

We appreciate all the hard work you and your team have put into organizing the Top 100. It is a great thing for the industry.
Rod Bensz
B & E Marine

Thank you and Boating Industry for everything you have done for the marine industry and Texas Marine.
Mike Hebert, President
Texas Marine

We were very impressed with the conference in Las Vegas and got a lot of great ideas. It also brought us back into the real world about our leftover boat pricing. Thank goodness we attended that meeting before our February boat show. We now have a very aggressive strategy and cannot wait to get there and turn some heads. You won't be able to tell that there is a problem out in the real world by looking at our display. We will be portraying a very professional, full lineup of boats with a theme of family time and boating lifestyle. We are all rejuvenated and are looking forward to reapplying for Top 100 next year.
Wendy LaLonde
Hutchinson's Boat Works, Inc.

This is the second time that we are applying for the consideration for the Top 100 recognition. Being selected last year was an awesome achievement for us. Before starting this year’s application process, we took a moment to ask all of our employees, “Are we better now than a year ago?” Everyone, without a doubt, said, “yes, we are.” We only look for top-notch employees, and now, after getting the Top 100 award, the amount of qualified people coming to us for employment has increased. We hope that you further honor us with the distinction of being among the Top 100 for the second-straight year.
Cory Archbold, General Manager
Dry Dock Marine Center

Thank you -- you and Boating Industry did a wonderful job last night. You are truly a positive influence when our industry needs it the most.
Darren Plymale, General Manager
Galati Yacht Sales

Awesome job last night! I really enjoyed the event and, more importantly, appreciated what you and Boating Industry are doing for our industry. It was really an awesome event.
Bill Yeargin, CEO
Correct Craft

Thanks, again, for the GREAT TOP 100 Awards Program.
Barry Lieberman
Hardin Marine Arrowhead

We’re really honored to be part of the Top 100. It’s a real tribute to our team who makes it happen, so we’re planning a team meeting before thanksgiving to say Thanks. Hope you all have a great holiday – and Thanks for your commitment to the Industry… sorry I missed it this year.
Tom Mack
South Shore Marine

We really enjoyed our Las Vegas visit. I was sooo impressed with the Top 100 Program. We certainly want to align our company to the type of dealers that were part of the event. It also impressed me how the program is elevating the dealers to new standards. Boating Industry deserves a lot of credit for improving the industry.
Mike Yauch
National Sales Manager
Correct Craft, Inc.

Thank you and the team at Boating Industry for a fantastic event. It was inspirational, informative and extremely well done. A sincere “thank you,” for creating what I consider to be the most positive impact to our industry.
Carmine Galati, Principal
Galati Yacht Sales

From all of us at Russo Marine, we wish to, once again, thank you all very much for producing another “great” Top 100. (I can’t avoid using the word “great” because it rhymes with “eight”!)
As you move now into your fifth year with the program, I know that the challenges of keeping it real, keeping it fresh and keeping it fun are going to be daunting. You guys have the experience and the skills to make it happen. You have created a terrific model that has been proven over time.
I also want to commend you on your participation and involvement with this year’s MRAA conference. The agenda was topical, informative and very appropriate for the times we are in. Everyone came away with valuable information they can use today to help guide their businesses through these tough times.
Larry Russo Sr., President & CEO
Russo Marine

I wanted to take the time to say thank you very much for the Top 100 nomination and for choosing our team as your [Editor’s] Pick. We really feel that is a great honor not only to be in the Top 100 but also to be picked by you. Thank you very much for the flattery as it gives everyone here at Kelly's a boost of appreciation for all the hard work that goes into running a dealership.
Here at Kelly's we really appreciate not only the recognition for us as a dealership but also for what you do and have done for the boating community as a whole. I really appreciate you and your crew for all of the initiatives and hard work that you do (the Top 100 especially). In these tough times it is very inspiring to have someone else in the trenches working hard to better the boating community as a whole.
Kyle Kelly
Kelly’s Port

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Top 100 Dealers again. The program you have created allows us to look at all the little things we do and provide for our customers in a different way. It is always a great honor, to myself and staff, that, through our combined efforts, we are able to create the best boating experience for our customers, and ultimately to help grow boating. It was great seeing you guys again and hope to have the opportunity in the future. I feel that the event has been continually getting better every year, I commend all your efforts and great job.
Paul Davis
Omaha Marine Center

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