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You know you’ve been to a good conference when all you can think about on the trip home is putting what you just learned to work at your company.
That was the case for many of the sailing industry executives who attended the inaugural “Growth Through Innovation” conference put on by GE Capital Solutions and Sail America, June 11-12 in Newport, R.I. In fact, in a survey of conference attendees on the practical ideas they took from the event, five out of 10 mentioned the following exercise by speaker Dan Coughlin, author of the book, “Accelerate: 20 Practical Lessons to Boost Business Momentum.”
The 1-3-6 Exercise
A. What is the one most important business outcome you want to improve in the next six months?
B. What three things can you do that would have the greatest positive impact on improving that outcome?
C. What six things do you need to stop doing so you have the time and the energy to do the three things you know would have the greatest positive impact on improving your most important desired business outcome?
Coughlin, who is president of management consulting firm The Coughlin Company, Inc., has given more than 500 presentations on business acceleration in more than 30 states and has provided more than 1,500 coaching sessions for executives at companies like AT&T, The Boeing Co., Citigroup, The Coca-Cola Co., GSD&M, Marriott International, McDonald’s Corp., the St. Louis Cardinals, and Toyota Financial Services.
In “Accelerate,” Coughlin shares what he’s learned from his clients to help readers accelerate their careers, their teams and their organizations. Readers and reviewers praise the book for its focus on practical suggestions from real-world business situations rather than theory. For more information and free resources such as his monthly e-newsletter, visit

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