Chesapeake Soda Clean opens Annapolis facility

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Chesapeake Soda Clean (CSC) is opening a dedicated warehouse and customer service center in Annapolis to better serve the needs of its expanding client list and to serve as a hub for the growing soda blast industry, it reported in a recent statement.

Symbolic of the triple digit growth of the industry is CSC’s own growth during 2006, a fiscal year that has seen the addition of both personnel and assets, the company said.

“In response to the cleaner nature of soda blasting and its positive environmental applications, the soda blast industry is in a rapid growth period,” said Stacey Stone, Chesapeake Soda Clean’s owner and general contractor. “Our new facility in Annapolis lets us be central to fill the soda demands of east coast contractors in addition to providing sales, training and after sales support to our direct equipment customers, those who have purchased Buster Blasters, the product produced by Walla, Walla, Washington-based OEM, The Soda Works.”

Stone serves as eastern regional sales director for The Soda Works and warehouses, sells and supplies Natrium, a brand of sodium bicarbonate product.

“What our new facility in Annapolis represents to the soda blasting industry,” said Stone “is the first fully dedicated east coast facility designed to meet the needs of all soda blasting contractors no matter what equipment they have bought. Of course, we also warehouse a few Buster Blasters so that anyone interested in procuring one won’t have too long a lead time. We are also providing customer service and training skills to the new contractor as well as answering questions from those who’ve already been operating their own contracting businesses.”

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