SodaBlast launches marine contractor network

HOUSTON, Texas – SodaBlast Systems LLC has launched the SodaBlasting Preferred Marine Contractor Network to provide its boat hull cleaning services in boating markets worldwide, the company reported in a statement today.

SodaBlasting uses a special formulation of environmentally-friendly granulated baking soda in conjunction with a SodaBlasting machine to clean and strip boat hulls, according to the company. The process reportedly costs no more than conventional hull cleaning, but is 10 times faster.

“SodaBlasting is a unique, value-added service marinas, boatyards, repair shops and dealer service departments can offer their customers. We have opportunities for contractors to join our network in all US and international boating markets,” said SodaBlast Systems President Jerry LeCompte.

As food-grade material, baking soda is non-toxic and non-hazardous. But it cleans more efficiently and can reveal a lot more about the condition of the hull than typical cleaners, strippers, sanding and sandblasting, the company claims.

“SodaBlasting removes marine growth from the hull much faster than traditional cleaning methods and unlike sandblasting, doesn’t harm the gelcoat,” LeCompte said. “Our system also makes it much easier to determine the exact condition of the hull bottom and if any repairs are needed,” he added.

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