TrawlerCat introduces Group Licensing Program

NOVA SCOTIA, Canada – As part of its 2004-2005 expansion program, Canadian boat builder TrawlerCat Marine Inc. is introducing a Group Licensing Program that will bring its range of 14 power catamarans onto the market at an accelerated rate, the company said in a recent press release.

TCM will no longer sell or build its boats, but will rely on group members to carry out this work while the company continues to design new power catamarans.

This new strategy will allow TCM to maintain the impetus it has created for its range of power catamarans and to take advantage of a healthy economy and the present booming boat market, according to Captain Graham Pfister, TrawlerCat’s president.

TrawlerCat intends to license six boat-building companies to market and build its power catamarans under a TCM Group umbrella, giving the accepted companies a seven-year entry level start in the rapidly growing power catamaran industry, and access to TCM’s place in the market, according to the company.

“In the U.S., TCM will be looking for companies on the East, West and Gulf coasts interested in moving rapidly into the power catamaran market,” Pfister said.

With six TCM Group Member companies marketing, selling and building TCM boats globally, the expansion rate will be explosive and the benefits to all Group Members will be enormous, predicted Pfister.

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