NMMA improves CSI program results

CHICAGO – The National Marine Manufacturers Association has released an improved Manufacturer Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Quarterly Reporting Package that includes “Dynamic Reporting,” allowing manufacturers to “drill down” to information relevant to the products they produce, NMMA said in a release this morning.

The new package – which also includes expanded benchmarking and segment information – was developed with input from the NMMA CSI Steering Committee in conjunction with the Avala Marketing Group. The quarterly reports are provided to participating manufacturers in electronic format for easy distribution and use, according to NMMA.

“This is an exceptionally valuable and flexible tool for our members. No other program provides these interactive capabilities and rich amounts of timely information,” said NMMA President Thom Dammrich.

“The new ‘Dynamic Reporting’ capabilities introduced to the program will allow manufacturers to create “On-Demand” graphs and construct data comparisons that can look across products and survey segments,” said Steve Pizzolato, president of The Avala Marketing Group.

The reporting package was developed to provide data for all levels of participants in the NMMA CSI Program. However, for participants that have a full NMMA CSI program supported by The Avala Marketing Group, data can be used to measure the satisfaction levels of their individual models compared to results for similar boat models across the industry, NMMA said.

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