Albemarle adopts “Plug and Play” wiring system

EDENTON, NC – Offshore fishing boat manufacturer Albemarle Boats has recently begun to install an updated electrical wiring system in all newly manufactured Albemarle boat models that is more economical and efficient for consumers, the company reported in a statement yesterday.

Commonly known as “Plug and Play,” the new system groups all electrical wires together with a harness, which is then dropped into the boat. At each end is a plug covered with a watertight seal designed to be waterproof in up to 3 feet of water. This plug corresponds to the plug in its receiving component. In a typical Albemarle boat, each harness will group 25-30 wires and plugs, the company said.

This quickens the manufacturing process, which will result in lower costs over time, according to the boat builder. The waterproofing reduces corrosion and electrical problems are now also easier to find, Albemarle said.

Deutsch, a German plug developer, manufactures the plugs used in this new wiring system.

“Deutsch has been manufacturing the plugs used in the ‘Plug and Play’ system for the automotive and aircraft world for several years, but the system is new from a boat manufacturing standpoint,” said Roger Brooks, Research and Development manager for Albemarle Boats. “We at Albemarle are excited that our boats will include the ‘Plug and Play’ system from this point forward because it makes the boats more economical for us to build, and it makes fixing problems much more manageable for customers.”

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