sees 2004 as record-setting year

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – has completed its internal research and analysis of approximately 500 surveys and has concluded that 2004 should bring more boaters onto the water than any year before, a company release said yesterday.

The company also cited several underlying outside factors that it believes will contribute to making that prognostication a reality. said those included: A majority of economists believing the economy is heading in the right direction, positive unemployment and jobless claims figures, high valuation of the stock market, and real estate at record highs versus interest rates that are at record lows. said there were several days in February when traffic at its Web site had increased by over 500 percent (month to date).

“Throughout the month, we have experienced at least two, and in most cases three times more traffic than we received last month,” the company’s statement said. “In just one day this month we had nearly 6,000 unique users, not including return users, commencing close to 100,000 searches. In any given month of 2001, we would have been ecstatic if all our users combined conducted 100,000 searches for the entire month.

“This is the first month that we were forced to look into traffic issues on a daily basis. Typically we review traffic statistics on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. We have decided to triple our current storage space, while at the same time doubling the amount of servers we operate, to meet the current and anticipated demand.”

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