National Marina Day sponsors help extend its reach

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Marina Operators Association of America (MOAA) will be able to extend the reach of the 2004 National Marina Day (NMD) because of the support of its sponsors, reported NMD Chair Kirby Cay Scheimann, CMM, in a recent statement.

National Marina Day is produced by MOAA and is an annual nationwide celebration of America’s marinas. In 2004, National Marina Day will be observed on August 14.

The 2004 National Marina Day sponsors are: Atlantic-Meeco Inc.; Bellingham Marine; BoatU.S.; EMP Industries, Inc.; EZ-Dock Inc.; Flagship Marinas; Formex Floats; HydroHoist International; Marinas International; Onyx-Mansfield Energy Services; Premier Materials Technology, Inc.; ShoreMaster; Universal Insurance Services; and ValvTect Petroleum Products.

“The generous financial support of the 2004 National Marina Day sponsors is one of the keys to making this year another year of growth for this program,” said Scheimann. “Thanks to our sponsors, in 2004 we will have the resources to reach even further into the marina industry and encourage more marina operators to get involved with this grassroots lobbying initiative. On behalf of the entire marina industry, I thank you for your support.”

Added urgency in 2004

Scheimann explained that since 2004 is a major election year, the National Marina Day program’s goal of educating public officials and policymakers about the marina industry and its positive role in cities and towns across the has taken on added urgency.

“In a major election year like 2004, marina operators have the perfect opportunity to put a face on our industry by inviting local elected officials and policymakers to their facility for a National Marina Day event,” he said. “This is a win-win situation for all involved, as local officials get to meet their constituents and canvass for votes and marina operators get to showcase the value of their facility to the community and shine a spotlight on their businesses’ interests and concerns. This sort of interaction prompts local elected officials and policy makers to listen more attentively to your needs and hear, more clearly, your opinions in the future.”

In March of 2004, MOAA will officially kick-off the 2004 NMD campaign with a one-page bulletin that will be inserted into that month’s edition of MOAA Messages and posted on the National Marina Day Web page at It will elaborate on the 2004 NMD theme and offer suggestions on how marinas can join in the effort to educate public servants about the marina industry. More in-depth materials will follow in the months leading up to the event.

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