Walbro focuses on high performance product market

TUSCON, Ariz. – Walbro Engine Management has formed a high performance product team that focuses on the recreation, marine and motorsports markets, the company reported in a statement Thursday.

“Walbro products have been used for years in a wide range of high performance and racing applications,” said Andrew V. Masterman, president of Walbro Engine. “Walbro Italy, our subsidiary in Bologna, supplies electronic control units (ECUs) for European rally and track race cars, offshore boats and motorcycles. Walbro carburetors are used extensively in go-kart racing. Plus, our fuel delivery products for marine and recreation applications such as snowmobiles and outboard marine engines often find their way into competition venues.”

According to Masterman, the company has decided to coordinate its efforts by creating a special team to focus on the high performance segment of its business.

“Walbro High Performance products will be marketed to original equipment manufacturers as well as through traditional and specialized aftermarket distribution channels,” said Masterman.

Products designed by the company for high performance applications will be marked with a Walbro High Performance logo, Masterman added.

Walbro Engine Management, a unit of TI Automotive, is a manufacturer of carburetors, ignition systems, fuel injection and air/fuel management components for engines targeted at outdoor power equipment, marine, recreational and two-wheel applications.

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