Aero Marine Engine moves its headquarters to N.Y.

TORRANCE, Calif. — Aero Marine Engine, Inc., a developmental stage company which has acquired the rights to the Dyna-Cam engine, will be relocating its headquarters from Torrance, Calif., to Ronkonkoma, N.Y., the company announced Wednesday.

This site is currently the home to Perma-Tune Electronics of which Aero Marine shares commonality of ownership and is controlled by the same principal shareholders, the company reported.

Aero Marine will occupy approximately 27,500-square-feet in Perma-Tune Electronics’ manufacturing facility and engineering studios. The Perma-Tune facility enables Aero Marine to have instant access to color three-dimensional cad cam systems that will expedite the final configuration of the engine. These engineering tools will allow the combined engineering department to fully simulate the engine and plasma drive ignition systems, according to the company.

During the transition period, steps have been taken to move a number of assembled engines to the new facility so that there is no delay in the final stages of testing, stated the company. These decisions will expedite the finalization of design for the Dyna-Cam Engine as well as mating the Perma-Tune Plasma Drive ignition to the engine, stated the company.

“This move will accelerate the final development of the Dyna-Cam Engine,” said Garth Bailey, chief executive officer of Aero Marine Engine. “The facility will be adjacent to our venture partner Perma-Tune Electronics’ main production and engineering facilities. As previously announced, Perma-Tune is advancing $1,500,000 of long term credit to Aero Marine and, as part of this credit, Perma-Tune has expanded its production facility, purchased production equipment and will increase its engineering department. It is anticipated that these alterations will be completed in January 2004 at which time the plant will ramp up to produce up to 100 Dyna-Cam engines per week.”

Additionally, both companies’ executive and marketing teams, as well as scientists and engineers will be present at the Miami International Boat Show to jointly showcase the Dyna-Cam engine. Since the engine on display is “static”, arrangements are also being made where upon request, the operating Dyna-Cam / Perma-Tune engine can be demonstrated within close proximity to the show, the company reported.

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