New AC and Refrigeration Products Introduced

ANew air conditioning systems and new refrigerator/ freezers were introduced to the boating market earlier this year.
The Elite Comfort Management System was introduced by the Marine Air Systems division of Taylor Made Environmental Inc., Richmond, Va.
The Elite air conditioning system offers “unprecedented flexibility in controlling temperature, airflow and system management with an attractive new backlit, bulkhead mounted display/control panel,” according to the company.
It provides boaters with a “one-touch, intuitive operation over all functions” and it is the first in the industry to match a boat’s interior decor by using industry standard snap-on trim bezels, which come in a wide range of colors and materials, including real wood, thermoplastic or metal.
The Elite system also includes computer-based control technology with internal self-diagnostic programs monitoring all aspects of system performance.
It is available both for new boats, and it can be retro-fitted into most existing mechanical air conditioning system controls, according to Marine Air Systems.
Meanwhile, Taylor Made Environmental also unveiled improvements to its Tundra line of refrigerators and freezers during the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) during February.
The changes to the Tundra line were made in response to feedback from boatbuilders, dealers and boat owners and include a redesigned door latch system that is more intuitive, reliable and easier to use. The new latches also have an attractive tapered shape and the doors have pre-drilled holes for opposite side mounting, making it easier to switch from right-hand to left-hand mounting.
Another new feature is a standard interior light in all front-loading refrigerator models. The light mechanism includes a solid-state circuit board assembly with a replaceable fuse-type bulb that is activated by a magnetic sensor, eliminating the need for any moving parts.
The Tundra line also was expanded by several new models including the T42RE, which is a refrigerator-only model without an interior freezer compartment. It is designed to be installed side-by-side with the TF38 freezers for boaters needing ample space both for refrigeration and freezing.
Also new this year is the Tundra T12U-R, a compact front-loading refrigerator unit with a remotely mounted compressor unit that is easier to mount in a smaller space with limited depth.
Another new refrigerator/freezer introduced this year is the nine-cublic foot RFU9000 by Nova Kool of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. The RFU9000, which became widely available late in May, features self-venting so boat manufacturers do not need to add additional vent grills, said Sean Boag, sales manager.
Nova Kool’s RFU9000 will replace its 6.8-cubic foot RFU8000 model, which will go out of production later this year, Boag added.
The RFU9000 was designed to fit a standard space that is 52 7/8-inches high, 23 ¼ inches wide and 23 inches deep. It is best suited for boats in the 35- to 55-foot range, he said.
The RFU9000 is available in white or black and for DC-only or AC/DC operation. Also, the refrigerator portion is on the top, with the freezer section on the bottom, to make it more convenient for boaters, Boag added.
Meanwhile, Dometic Corp.’s Marine Systems division in Big Prairie, Ohio, now is importing its new DC250, DC400 and DC550 portable refrigerator/freezer boxes from its factory in Luxembourg. The three compressor-cooled models can be used as a refrigerator or a freezer, depending on the thermostat setting, said Jim Kerrigan, vice president of sales.
The polyethylene, roto-molded body and stainless steel back were designed to be unbreakable and rust-free even in the challenging environment boaters encounter, Kerrigan said.
The Dometic models can be connected to DC currents (12V, 24V) or AC power (100-130V, 220-240V in 50 or 60Hz). The gross capacity of the DC250 is 0.8 cubic feet. The DC400’s gross capacity is 1.3 cubic feet and the DC550’s is 1.8 cubic feet.

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