MIASF looks to grow its membership

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The Marine Industries Association of South Florida kicked off a successful start to its 2004 Membership Drive with a launch party at Nikki Marina in Hollywood Beach, Fla. April 29, it reported in a recent press release.

More than 140 MIASF members and perspective members attended the party, according to the association’s membership development coordinator, Helen Wozunk.

“I’m thrilled at the response we’re getting already to the membership drive,” said Wozunk. “There is tremendous interest in seeing the association increase its membership base and continue to grow as a strong representative voice of the South Florida recreational marine industry.”

MIASF describes its 2004 Membership Drive, “Members Building Membership” as a 100-day effort where association members are encouraged to refer other marine businesses for membership and take advantage of incentives and opportunities for prizes.

“We’re already a strong and diverse group, however, we’re also a forward-thinking group and as the industry continues to grow we recognize the importance of continuing to be truly representative of the South Florida recreational marine industry, hence the reason for our 2004 Membership Drive,” said Frank Herhold, MIASF executive director.

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