Sail America set to release Discover Sailing DVD

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. – A new DVD package and public service campaign will soon be released for Sail America’s Discover Sailing program, an initiative to promote the growth of sailing, and to encourage newcomers who have taken their first steps in sailing to take another, Sail America said in its newsletter this morning.

“Discover Sailing: The Ultimate Adventure” is a DVD package featuring the work of photographer Billy Black, with a new brochure and poster, that is an update of the original video, first released in 2002, that has been requested by more than 17,000 sailing prospects.

The DVD will be complemented by an all-new, public service campaign, including branded designs of the Discover Sailing advertisement and web banners in a variety of sizes and formats, with the print ads available in both color and black and white, Sail America said.

The PSA’s will be made available to members of Sail America with room for them to customize the ads with their logos, as well as to sailing industry and general media, including a mailing to more than 300 publications in the sports, travel and leisure media markets.

“Discover Sailing: The Ultimate Adventure continues to build terrific momentum as a strong, unifying force in the marketplace and as an industry-wide effort to help promote the growth of sailing at all levels,” said Scot West, Sail America’s executive director. “We highly encourage Sail America members to take advantage of the Discover Sailing program and to take full advantage of the professional tools, which have been developed for this purpose.”

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