Company assists in finding boat appraisers

OMAHA, Neb. — Calling All Boats will offer a new appraisal service for buyers of used vessels.

Calling All Boats, which offers directory listings of boats for sale, has branched out into complementary services, including directing potential buyers to local appraisers.

“We know our job is not finished with listing of the used boats along with their pricing,” said a company official in a press release. “So we guide our users in finding out services like boats loans, transport, insurance, appraisals and reviews. All these services have important role in assisting the customers take decision regarding the vessel. The boat appraisal in particular helps a customer conclude whether purchase of the boat would be appropriate or otherwise.”

The marine surveyor provides the client with a professional opinion of the watercraft’s condition, points out the defects and makes recommendations for repairs.

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