LIQUI MOLY ventures ‘across the pond’ for PWC business

By Adam Quandt

For nearly 60 years, LIQUI MOLY has been producing and supplying motor and gear oils, fuel and oil additives and other care products all across Europe. Born and manufactured in Germany, LIQUI MOLY has had its sights set on being the best in high-performance products since 1957.

“We have no interest in being the cheapest,” LIQUI MOLY managing director Ernst Prost said in a news release. “We want to be the best.”

Most recently, LIQUI MOLY brought its range of marine products across the pond to North America in December.

“The move not only required an in-depth study of the market itself, but required us to create a specific line of products suitable for the North American standards,” business development manager for LIQUI MOLY’s marine division Gary Driver said. “Whatever is required to be the best, we push for it.”

Driver said that LIQUI MOLY began focusing on the marine segment internationally in 2017. “It’s definitely a different product line and we’re constantly adding to it,” he added.

In January, LIQUI MOLY reported its U.S. market had significantly contributed to the company’s growth, with sales in North America growing by 18% last year. The company also reported that the U.S. was now LIQUI MOLY’s most important export market after Russia.

As of July, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, LIQUI MOLY reported that sales had grown by almost 3% compared to last year.

“Through our determined actions and our excellent products, we have asserted ourselves on the market and continue to be in the black,” Prost said.

LIQUI MOLY’s success through the pandemic is partly due to a new direction in marketing for its products.

On top of a new worldwide digital marketing campaign announced in May, on the marine-specific side, LIQUI MOLY announced a new partnership as the title sponsor for the 2020 Pro Watercross season in July.

“Following this year’s launch of the full LIQUI MOLY Marine range in North America, we’re now thrilled to be part of the Pro Watercross Championship,” said Driver. “We’re already sponsoring a couple of major racing teams that use our products to enhance the quality of fuel and oil, proving that they’re good for recreational or competitive use. And, we’re excited about this season of Pro Watercross racing.”

Driver said that the partnership is more about exactly that — a partnership. “It’s not just about promoting us and our products, it’s not just about Pro Watercross, but it’s about the sport all around,” he added.

On the personal watercraft side, LIQUI MOLY currently offers a PWC-specific engine oil, a gasoline system cleaner for PWC and outboard engines and a two- and four-stroke gasoline stabilizer.

Personal watercraft racing is just the next step for a long history of high-performance and racing participation for the LIQUI MOLY brand.

“It’s really just in our DNA,” Driver said. “Wherever performance and going hard and fast is, that’s where we go. We’re gearheads at heart and we love it.”

The 2020 Pro Watercross season, sponsored by LIQUI MOLY will culminate in the World Championship, set for Oct. 29–Nov. 1 in Naples, Florida.

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