Next is Now: Learning about your next market

In our April issue, we explored the changing demographics affecting the boating industry. You can see that cover story here. Below, you’ll find additional resources on the topic.

Taking advantage of the opportunities that exist with new markets may seem like a daunting task, but several marine businesses have already experienced success with outreach.

We have collected stories from those businesses, as well as insights and ideas from the VIP Influencer’s Group with the New Markets Task Force of the Recreational Boating Leadership Council on reaching and engaging those markets.

Reaching New Markets Webinar

Improving experiences for women buyers

Boat clubs, peer-to-peer offer alternatives

Manufacturers take responsibility for internal training

New Markets Task Force dedicated to awareness and education

Matching your market

Leverage existing educational opportunities

Building bridges and boaters: Understanding new markets

Building bridges and boaters: How to engage new markets

Boat clubs build the boaters of tomorrow


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