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Fischer Marine started as a pre-owned dealer in 1989, and 20 years later, it has gone back to its roots.

Tom Fischer, the company’s president, says that while Fischer added new boats to its lineup seven years ago, the economy has caused him to re-focus on the company’s original mission.

Until recently, the pendulum had swung increasingly to the new boat side of the business. But now Fischer has all but eliminated new boats, only maintaining enough business to meet the minimum criteria as a new boat dealer.

The hard decision to restructure and cut back the size of his business caused some sleepless nights for Fischer.

But that ability to adapt has helped the dealership reach its 20th Anniversary.
Consider, for example, Fischer Marine’s annual “Marine Flea Market,” which features items accumulated in the pre-owned boat trade.

This year, Fischer’s inventory was a little light, so he went around to dealers asking if they had any non-current boats he could put on the lot.

“It offers the dealer another venue on a different highway,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s going to work, but we’re going to give it a try.”

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