Bill Yeargin

Approve the tax extenders now, then create long-term tax stability

The U.S. Congress is creating an environment of unnecessary uncertainty related to certain tax provisions that is hurting our country and industry. Congress’s handling of these provisions, commonly called “tax extenders,” with inaction and delay creates an environment of instability for U.S. businesses which hurts the U.S. economy, our competitiveness around the world and costs U.S. jobs. Of course this ...

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Renew the EX-IM Bank Charter

Congress is playing political games with the Export-Import (EX-IM) Bank, a U.S. government agency that supports U.S. businesses around the world and directly creates jobs in the USA. This summer Congress allowed the charter for the EX-IM bank to expire and it is already costing jobs in the U.S. Crazier yet, since the EX-IM bank charges U.S. businesses for its ...

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Congress needs to take action on infrastructure

For much of our nation’s history, infrastructure has provided the U.S. with a significant global advantage. But what was once our advantage is quickly becoming a vulnerability. Our company Correct Craft, like many in the boating industry, is uniquely American. A builder of multiple boat and engine brands and one of the largest companies in our industry, we manufacture our ...

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