Sabotaging your boat show efforts

We hear from a lot of dealers about how boat shows aren’t what they used to be – less traffic, fewer sales, an all-around less successful venture.

My latest trip to a boat show, last week’s Minneapolis Boat Show, reminded me once again how many exhibitors shoot themselves in the foot.

The most common sight that greeted me walking around last Friday: people in their booths, staring at their phones. I felt like I needed to jump around and wave my arms to get their attention. If it wasn’t that, it was groups of salespeople talking to each other in bunches in one corner of the booth.

It’s not exactly a welcoming sight, and it’s something I see all too often whether its at a consumer boat show or by manufacturers at the Marine Dealer Conference and Expo or some other trade show.

So here’s the question for you: What type of training are you giving your team before the boat show? The best companies spend months getting ready for the boat shows. For one great example, check out what Russell Marine does to prepare.

Before you assume boat shows aren’t working, make sure your strategy is.

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