Watch out for your stupid gene

We all have our blindspots that get in the way of getting things done.

Or as Ben Speciale says, we’ve all got those places where our “stupid gene” kicks in.

If you’ve ever spent much time talking to the president of Yamaha Marine Group, you know he’s passionate about the topic of workforce development and training — and a pretty smart guy. You may also have heard his story of his own “stupid gene” experience, but for those who haven’t, allow me to explain.

In this case, Ben was attending an event for scholarship winners at his daughter’s high school when he saw someone being recognized from the school’s technical education program — a program he didn’t know existed. So here he was, president of a company investing heavily in trying to address the shortage of skilled technicians in our industry who didn’t know about a resource in his hometown.

Our April issue includes our special report on the industry’s workforce crisis, where we talk about some of the solutions, looking at what has worked for dealers and manufacturers. But what solutions are out there that you don’t even know about? Have you talked to the local high schools? Are there programs you can partner on with other local manufacturers in and outside of the boating industry? Are you setting up at the high school job fairs? Reaching out to career centers at local schools?

Every community is going to have different resources — or you can start your own. Even if the idea seems simple, don’t assume someone has thought of it already, and don’t let your stupid gene get in the way.


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  1. Marine Industries Association of South Florida hosts an annual Plywood Regatta in Fort Lauderdale for kids middle school through college who are interested in boat building. The kids build, decorate, and race their boats, and they take great pride in it. It’s a great opportunity to encourage and foster young people’s love of the industry.

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