Don’t let your leads get away

Driving traffic to your dealership website, especially without the right digital marketing tools, can be a challenge. Keeping people on your website can be even tougher, and in order to earn an online lead that converts to a sale, those people most likely need to visit your site more than once.

Consider the amount of distractions available to people online – nearly every business in existence has a website. On top of that, there are review sites, blogs, social media, online games, and even video streaming, making it possible for online users to be watching TV on Internet-enabled devices instead of focusing on the boat that they were considering purchasing on your website.

Website Re-Targeting creates a way to cut through those distractions, keeping your boats in front of prospects who have already demonstrated interest by visiting your site. Ads for your dealership and for the specific boat models that the prospect viewed on your site keep that purchase at top of mind.

Not only do people have many choices when browsing online, but they may also need time to consider making the purchase – especially on a boat, which requires a large investment of money. Not many people immediately choose to purchase a boat after seeing it online for the first time. Re-targeting ads benefit your business by serving reminders and encouraging online users to return to their purchase.

Re-targeting ads not only ensure that website visitors don’t forget about the boat they were considering, but they also prevent those past visitors from forgetting about your dealership. How many times have you searched for something specific online – say, a certain type of tool that you need – and after researching different options and considering your purchase for a while, you’ve forgotten what website you originally found it on? By this time, it’s highly likely that you are ready to make that purchase. But if you can’t remember where you first found it and purchase the tool from a different website instead, that original business has lost a sale. Don’t let this happen to your dealership – protect your bottom line by keeping ads for your business in front of your prospective customers.

Advertising to online users who have already shown interest by visiting your dealership website and looking at specific boat units allows you to reach known prospects who are most likely to buy. These people make up your perfect target audience – the online users most worthy of your advertising dollars. Website Re-Targeting reminds and re-engages your customers, protecting the sales that were earned through your dealership website.

Lauren Labunsky is the public relations manager for Dealer Spike, a company that provides innovative websites as well as a suite of powerful online advertising solutions that help marine dealers help increase sales and service profitability. For more information, visit or call 800-288-5917.

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