Be real, not “on fleek”

To ensure the boating industry’s future, companies will need to start targeting Millennials. Justin Di Vilio posted a great blog on tips for how to market to Millennials. This week, I would like to briefly cover some “don’ts.”

Over the weekend, I found a fascinating article on the “definitive list of things Millennials hate to see in ads.” Among the offensive content is abbreviations, slang in general, emojis and the specific word “Millennial.”

While the survey only talked with 1,200 Millennials, and the opinions of a small sampling can be subjective and less likely to represent an entire generation, I will say as one of the resident Millennials at Boating Industry that this list is pretty on fleek (the first and last time you will hear me use that phrase). Particularly coming from the older portion of the Millennial generation that tries to deny they are Millennials, I can attest that this word is pretty taboo.

Entertaining as the list is, the real message comes from its conclusion: Don’t be intimidated by this new generation – just be real and authentic in your conversation with them. If “YOLO” fits your brand’s personality, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t. All our generation wants is a real relationship with brands we love and trust, and I know our industry has the capacity to do just that.

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