Cut the jargon in 2016

As an editor, I spend a significant amount of time choosing my words carefully. Each one has a purpose. It’s something we all should practice, but it is particularly important for business communication.

We’ve all had that one boss or coworker that speaks in high-level corporate jargon in emails, meetings, even during coffee-machine conversation. The first thing I think about when someone starts talking to me about “thinking outside the box” is TPS reports.

Nothing they say feels authentic, which is especially frustrating in a meeting: Everyone leaves more confused about the company’s goals than when they arrived.

It’s easy to slip into using fluff language to make a point – I am certainly guilty of it. But it’s important to step back and ask yourself: how effective are you? Did what you say do anything to motivate or excite others? If the answer is no, was it worth saying?

If there is one business resolution you should make in 2016, it should be using direct speech. Speaking and writing in simple language can improve communication in a business, which will help boost morale and productivity. The Muse created a fun list of 19 corporate phrases to drop in 2016 that is worth perusing if you wonder whether or not you are guilty of using empty words.

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