Give the gift of education

I can be a bit helpless with gifts. If I am not given some hint or clue as to what someone wants, desperation starts to set in. Naturally, my next step is to go to the Internet.

As I was searching through generic “holiday gift” listicles this year, I stumbled upon a list of employee gift ideas. Curious, despite having zero employees to shop for, I clicked and found one idea that stood out: continuing education. In the list, a representative from CRM Learning is quoted as saying: “Not only does continued education help you reduce employee turnover, but it also shows employees you’re willing to invest in them beyond just a menial gift. It shows you view them as a valued team member.”

Something about that just clicked with me. If you’re going to give someone a gift, you’re likely giving something substantial and meaningful. What could mean more to an employee than an opportunity to grow and an investment in their future?

As we continue to receive feedback from attendees at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo, I know it means a great deal. First-time attendees have expressed the usefulness of the training and the time spent gathering new ideas to implement in their businesses.

If you’re looking to give a gift to your employees this year, consider investing in their marine industry career for 2016. It will be well worth your dollars and they will appreciate it more than a pair of socks or a new coffee mug.

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