Snapchat users view four billion videos a day

As with any new social media trend, it’s important to tread lightly and not completely alter your marketing plan when considering its use in your business. That being said, it is worth taking note when a platform begins to gain significant traffic.

Take Snapchat, for example. According to recent data from the social network, viewers are watching 4 billion videos per day on Snapchat. The number ties with Facebook’s daily video views from back in April.

The metric for the views of these videos, which are 10 seconds long at maximum, is measured based on someone watching a minimum of three seconds. While social networks like YouTube have stopped measuring that metric, a three-second video on Snapchat could be 30 percent of the content. Moreover, Snapchat was created for the purpose of rapid viewing.

One article covering this data suggests Snapchat could be useful for businesses, as the platform encourages creativity from advertisers and Snapchat ensures marketers are more likely to pay for real views from customers who are interested in their content.

While I wouldn’t throw out your current marketing plan and dedicate your energy entirely to Snapchat, it is worth exploring how Snapchat could be best utilized in your business, particularly as the social platform grows in popularity. Ask your younger employees how they or their friends use the network and offer them the opportunity to suggest tips on how to develop interesting content. Remember to get creative and deliver a call to action that will excite viewers.

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