Engage in Independence Day excitement

As I have counted down the days to Independence Day, I have daydreamed about all of the activities I will be able to engage in during the holiday with my nieces: roasting marshmallows, games of hide and seek, snuggling under blankets during fireworks and, most importantly of course, driving my mother-in-law’s boat around the lake.

While my nieces aren’t quite old enough to appreciate water sports or want to go fishing, they share my love for strapping on a life jacket and feeling the wind in their hair as they ride across the water.

These emotions are not unique; they are shared with every boater. Your customers have been dreaming the same daydreams and are counting down the same days. You are connected to those memories because your business contributed in some way or another to their time on the water. Think of the joy your products are bringing them this weekend!

As you are enjoying your own celebrations, take some time to find your customers on social media and live vicariously through their boating experiences. Maybe even start a hashtag for your brand so they can share their experiences directly with you (for example, #DealerName4th or #ManufacturerNameIndependence). It will warm your hearts to see the smiles your business helped bring.

Be sure to engage with these customers as well – not to be pushy and sell them on more products, but to express genuine excitement that they are enjoying their time on the water. Much like the exuberant waving my nieces will do toward any boat we pass on the lake, it’s all about connecting with other boaters and sharing those great feelings we all experience in the boating lifestyle.

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