Marine marketing pro’s new book aims to get more kids boating

Diane Seltzer, marketing director at SureShade and founder of Marine Marketing Tools, has written a new book to show kids the fun of boating.

"The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl" is designed to teach kids about the adventure of boating, but also the importance of being safe. The protagonist is a young girl who is nervous about getting on her family's new boat until she gets a "magic jacket" (lifejacket) that helps her feel safe. The book was inspired by Seltzer's two daughters and their adventures on the water.

Seltzer talks more about the book in this video.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing with Boating Industry readers! The book really is a great way to encourage youth engagement and safety education in boating.

    Anyone can pick up a copy on Amazon, or I am offering a special discount to marine businesses that want to stock it in their ship store, gift shop or distribute to customers - please get in touch with me on for details.

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