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Taco Marine licenses shock-absorbing pedestals

By Taco Marine

Clearwater, FL – Taco Marine has entered into a license agreement with Seaspension Technologies to manufacture, market and distribute their complete product line of innovative shock-mitigation pedestals for recreational and commercial marine seating.

Boats today are designed and powered to run faster and harder than ever before. Boaters are getting worn down from the vibration and constant pounding of waves. This innovative shock-mitigation system for marine seating helps to make the complete boating experience smoother and more enjoyable. Taco Marine now offers Seaspension shock-absorbing pedestals for every marine seat application – from helm chairs and bench seats, to tripod pedestals for high-performance boats and rigid hull inflatables.

“I was able to stay in the seat after hitting a few five foot waves. I didn’t feel any impact shudders that normally go up my spine during a trip like this,” said Jopie Helson, Marina owner.

Because typical pedestals are rigid, they transfer wave jolts and vibrations directly to the seats. Rough seas often force boaters to stand up and hang on, putting them at risk of falling and getting injured. The Taco Marine shock-absorbing pedestals allow for a safer, more comfortable experience, as boaters can now remain seated and relaxed.

“I have logged over 637 hours with your pedestal at the helm station. I can’t overstate my satisfaction with the comfortable ride I am now accustomed to. I will never go back to the old seating systems,“ said Captain Bill Giddens.

“The tripod pedestals are not only lifesavers, but they are knee, back and neck savers. They take repeated pondering and remain just as tight and squeak-free as the day they were new. One of the Navy’s biggest concerns is safety and the pedestals have boosted that safety level in ways we would never have thought,” said the US Navy, Afloat Training Group.

Taco Marine is headquartered in Miami,  and designs and manufacturers its products in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sparta, Tennessee. Taco Marine sells products to boat builders, marine product manufacturers, distributors and leading marine retailers throughout the US.

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