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NMMA reacts as EPA sends 2014 RVOs to OMB

By National Marine Manufacturer’s Association

On Friday, August 22, as a part of the EPA’s work to finalize the Renewable Fuel Standard, the agency submitted the Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) to the Office of Management and Budget. This number, which is not currently publicly available, will mandate the amount of ethanol that is blended into the U.S. fuel supply. The National Marine Manufacturers Association continues to advocate on behalf of the recreational boating industry and is actively engaged in this process to ensure that boaters continue to have access to the fuel they need.

NMMA’s Nicole Vasilaros, director of federal and legal affairs, says, “NMMA is encouraged as the EPA takes a step forward by sending the 2014 RVOs to OMB and urges the White House to expedite this already delayed process. Our desire remains that the final rule will adequately ensure the availability of E10 and E0 in the marketplace --- failure to do so will breach the blend wall and flood the market with E15. Mid-level blends are prohibited for use in marine engines, and studies have proven that misfueling will lead to significant engine damage and failure. NMMA will continue to work with the White House to ensure the broad availability of E10 and E0 on behalf of the recreational boaters who require it in order to enjoy our nation’s waterways.”

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