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Yamaha introduces 2015 line including all new 24-foot models and advanced handling

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today introduced its 2015 boat line that includes a ground-up redesign of the industry’s top selling 24-foot models and the introduction of the boating industry’s first Articulating Keel that enhances handling at all speeds.

For 2015, Yamaha's 24-foot boats are now six inches longer with higher freeboard and higher bow lines than its predecessors to create the most usable space ever in boats of their size. The development of the new hull and deck created the opportunity for Yamaha engineers to invent the industry's first "articulating keel" to enhance steering responsiveness at all speeds and Quiet Cruise that creates a quieter, more comfortable experience for all onboard.

“Redesigning the most popular boat in the class is no easy undertaking, so we knew we had to really swing for the fences and create an entirely new boating experience; and that’s exactly what we did,” said Scott Watkins, product manager for Yamaha’s Watercraft division. “We essentially started from scratch and looked at how to improve or enhance every inch of this boat from the ground up. The result is a boat with more technology, features, luxury appointments, performance, comfort and forward thinking than we’ve ever built before.”

Yamaha Advanced Responsive Handling featuring the Articulating Keel
Yamaha's Articulating Keel represents a new advancement in directional control technology for recreational boaters and is an enhancement to Yamaha's suite of Advanced Responsive Handling features that include No Wake Mode and Yamaha's award-winning Thrust Directional Enhancer.

The Articulating Keel is a mechanical extension of the boat’s keel. It moves and tracks through the water in perfect relation to the jet pump nozzles. This system puts the driver in complete control whether they are going through chop, cornering at high speeds, or maneuvering around a dock in close quarters.

New Yamaha Quiet Cruise Platform
Yamaha Quiet Cruise is a platform-based system that creates a quiet, comfortable ride for all on board by suppressing the amount of engine noise and vibration that enters the cabin.
To achieve one of the quietest environments ever in a high performance boat, Yamaha engineers identified and addressed almost two-dozen points of the boat where noise could be significantly reduced. With Yamaha’s Quiet Cruise technology, boat passengers can enjoy conversation and comfort at all speeds.

Connext Helm Control System
Special attention has been given to the helm area of the 24-foot boats with an all-new layout that now features Yamaha’s Connext™ helm control system.

Connext is an easy to use, all in one system that combines an LCD touch screen with a joystick control, allowing the driver to easily and intuitively access all major electronic functions of the boat. In addition, Connext serves as the entertainment hub of the boat, providing full access to radio and stereo controls, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connections.

The Connext joystick control provides additional quick access controls for top level Connext navigation including Home, Scrolling and Volume as well as access to Yamaha’s Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode.

The complete 2015 Yamaha boat line includes 12 models ranging in length from 19 to 24-feet. Yamaha is the best-selling brand of family runabout boats in the 19 to 24-foot segment that includes open-bow runabouts, deck boats, and wakeboard boats.

“Yamaha’s jet boat technology is the new gold standard in marine propulsion with more customers across the 19-foot, 21-foot, and 24-foot segments choosing our jet boats than traditional stern drive boats,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft division. “There’s been a sea change shift in customer thinking. Gone are the days of heavy boats with 24” drafts, clunky gear shifting, half the cockpit filled with an engine cover, tons of annual maintenance and liquids, and lackluster performance. Welcome to the new generation of boating. It’s better on every accord, even the price.”

2015 Yamaha Boats At A Glance:

242 Series
· Includes the 242 Limited S and 242 Limited
· All-new design and features
· Articulating Keel
· Yamaha Quiet Cruise
· Connext

240 Series
· Includes AR240 and SX240
· All-new design and features
· Articulating Keel
· Yamaha Quiet Cruise
· Connext

212 Series
· Includes the 212X and 212SS
· 212SS features new luxury appointments
· New colors and graphics

210 Series
· Includes the AR210 and SX210
· New colors and graphics

192 Series
· Includes the AR192 and AR192
· New colors and graphics

190 Series
· Includes the AR190 and SX190
· New colors and graphics

To see the entire 2015 line up of Yamaha Boats, visit www.yamahaboats.com.


  1. Fr. Nikiforos Fakinos

    I saw the videos of the new 24 ft. range, of great interest to me, as an owner of the previous generation. The new additions are welcome and a step on the right direction. Criticisms: Connext does not offer GPS chartplotter which makes is a total waste of dashboard real estate. This is where I currently have my chartplotter and yes, some of us actually use jet boats in the ocean. Second, the head compartment has a small door with no head room space, unlike the new Chaparral. They turned it to a storage space and they do not even give the option of a proper pump out facility. And third, am I wrong to observe that the new boat does NOT have a flip up bolster on the captain's seat? What an omission!!!.... I pilot the vessel 90% standing up, despite the good visibility. And especially for docking you need to be standing... I hope I was wrong and a flip up bolster is included, preferably for both captain and co-pilot. Yamaha, fix those things and the boat will be excellent!


  2. A NAV option would be a great addition to the Connext Helm Control, are there any plans to incorporate this feature?


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