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Torqeedo and Tesla connect EV enthusiasts

By Torqeedo

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. -- Torqeedo, the world leader in electric boating, was thrilled to sponsor TMC Connect, an electric vehicle users conference organized by Tesla Motors Club. The event attracted the interest of 300 participants in Monterey, California where leaders in the field, such as Diarmuid O'Connell, Tesla Motors' vice president of business development, discussed the past, present and future of electric vehicles and their impact on technology, society and the environment.

Electric cars, electric motorcycles and two electric boats, a Torqeedo-powered Kona 17 and a solar dinghy, were exhibited during the conference. "It was a great opportunity to talk to leaders in the EV field about Torqeedo and electric boating. The participants were intrigued by the contrast between the classic sportboat lines of the Kona 17 and the groundbreaking, state-of-the-art 40 hp Deep Blue electric outboard," said Steve Trkla, president and GM of Torqeedo, Inc. "Tesla owners already understand the significant advantages of moving beyond fossil fuels and were excited about experiencing clean, quiet mobility not only on the street, but on the water."

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