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Novamar Insurance Group companies announce name change from Mariners

By Novamar

SEATTLE -- Novamar, a major U.S. and International Marine Insurance & General Lines Agent & Broker, creates and distributes insurance products for clients in North America, Mexico, and around the world. Novamar'sclients are served by Novamar Insurance Group offices in Washington, Florida, and California. Mexico clients are served byNovamar Insurance Mexico, with headquarters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Craig Chamberlain, with over 30 years experience in the insurance industry, serves as president of both Novamar companies.

Craig and key Novamar executives have collaborated for over a decade together to develop unique insurance products to fill underserved niches in the market. These products Include the Novamar Offshore Yacht Policy, and a Grand Prix Racing Yacht Program. The Novamar team includes East Coast regional manager Jerry Norman in Sarasota, West Coast regional manager Joe Cable in Seattle, and Roberto Castellanos, Managing Director, Novamar Insurance Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They are assisted by 10 knowledgeable support staff in the various Novamar offices to ensure clients' needs and expectations are met daily.

Craig Chamberlain, president of the Novamar Insurance companies, says, "Novamar employs a client-centered team philosophy. We regularly ask ourselves 'how can we improve coverage, service, premiums and our client's overall experience?' Our team embraces the Novamar mantra 'It's about You - Our Client.'  "Novamar puts clients' needs first, company stakeholders (employees) second, and shareholders third. We must take care of the first two groups of people to realize success for the third group," says Craig

Unifying the firm's market capabilities under the Novamar name gives clients one place to look for their insurance needs.

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