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Marine Bankers announces new board, name change

By National Marine Bankers Association

The National Marine Bankers Association has announced the results of the association’s recent election for three board seats and the board’s confirmation of officers. The two lender candidates elected to serve a three-year term are Michael Bryant, Trident Funding Corp, and Karen Trostle, Sterling Acceptance Corporation. Joe Lobley, Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, was elected to serve as the associate board member for the next three years.

The 2014 slate of officers will be Michael Bryant as President, Peggy Bodenreider as Vice President, Jayme Yates of Caterpillar Finance as Secretary, and Bill Otto of Lake Effect Financial as Treasurer.

Based on member feedback from the 2012 annual conference, the board of directors recommended the association change its name to better reflect the marine lending community. The membership approved this initiative, and the association will now be known as the National Marine Lenders Association, and hopes to expand its member base to a broader group of lenders that provide credit to boaters, dealers, and manufacturers of recreational boats.

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