Weekly 5: New fisheries group promises to be ‘active’ on Magnuson-Stevens

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1. New fisheries group promises to be “active” on Magnuson-Stevens

A new trade association formed by 14 fisheries says it will be actively campaigning for the needs of the commercial fishing industry during Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization. The Seafood Harvesters of America says one of its top priorities will be to ensure that the law maintains strict catch limits and does not “erode any of the progress commercial fishermen have made with rebuilding fish stocks.”

2. Connecticut second state to enact uniform titling

Connecticut will join Virginia as states implementing the Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act (UCOTVA), NMMA reports.

NMMA says its goal is to see all states adopt uniform titling, because it “will facilitate interstate sales and transfers of boats, and give lending institutions more security and the ability to ‘perfect’ loans on boats that do not qualify for USCG documentation.”

3. Mercury Marine president on company’s evolution

Mercury Marine is a very different company than it was before the recession, new president John Pfeifer told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The changes it made to deal with the downturn have made the company stronger, he said.

“We recognized there was a ‘new normal’ in the industry. We didn’t believe that we would go through this steep recession and then all of a sudden things would be back at the same level as before. We knew the (sales) volumes were going to be different for a long time, and the mix of business in terms of engine size and types was going to be different,” he told the paper.

4. Generation X: America’s Forgotten Middle Child

We spend a lot of time talking about the aging Baby Boomers and the coming-soon Millennials, but companies would be well-served to not forget Generation X, now entering its prime earning years.

The Pew Research Center is out with a new report on America’s “middle child.”

5. 5 tools to make your email better

Email isn’t going anywhere and can still be an important tool for reaching customers and partners. Duct Tape Marketing offers five tips for improving your email success.

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