Weekly 5: Winter storms damage marinas in Texas, Arkansas

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1. Winter storms damage marinas in Texas, Arkansas

More than 50 boats were damaged at two Lake Lewisville, Texas, marinas after snow collapsed the marinas’ roofs.

According to the local CBS affiliate, many of the vessels are worth more than $1 million. The local NBC station has a photo gallery illustrating the damage.

Another marina on Arkansas’s Lake Norfork was damaged as well as its roof collapsed on several boats. Other boats were also damaged as nearby docks collapsed.

2. Analyst: West Marine has lots of upside

Investment partnership Carbondale Capital says there is plenty room for West Marine to grow in a recent article.

Carbondale Capital cites a growing marine market and strong potential for YOY growth in 2014.

3. Texas, Florida pilots for Hispanic outreach program

Texas and Florida will serve as the test markets for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation’s outreach to Hispanic markets.

RBFF is working with the fish and wildlife authorities in those two states on a five-year plan that begins next year to build awareness and interest in fishing and other water activities.

4. Avoid ‘December Thinking’

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘December Thinking’ – putting off until next year tasks that don’t immediately impact the bottom line, writes Bob Corlett. That’s especially important when recruiting new employees, so you can get a jump on hiring, he writes.

5. Why people unsubscribe from your email lists

Losing people from your email marketing list isn’t fatal – it’s part of doing business, but that unsubscribe rate is worth watching.

Mashable offers some advice on top reasons people drop out – and how to address it.

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