BoatBot debuts new app

Driven by their own challenges with boat maintenance – David and Maryann Johndrow, seasoned boaters and technology innovators – have introduced the newest app for the marine industry, BoatBot.

The entrepreneurs have leveraged their extensive experience to create a solution that enhances the boating experience through advanced AI technology.

“It’s a service that just makes perfect sense for our industry,” David Johndrow said. “BoatBot is designed to simplify boat management by offering real-time communication, predictive maintenance, and comprehensive digital service records. This state-of-the-art platform not only benefits boat owners but also provides significant advantages for service vendors and brokers.”

By integrating multiple features into one platform, BoatBot aims to improve operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction across the marine sector.

Key features of BoatBot include:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Utilizing AI to forecast and address maintenance needs before they become issues, ensuring vessels are always in optimal condition.
  • Real-Time Communication: Facilitating seamless interaction between boat owners, service vendors, and brokers, enhancing transparency and coordination.
  • Digital Service Records: Providing a centralized repository for all maintenance activities, fostering trust and accountability in boat transactions.

David Johndrow, who holds a 100 Ton Master Captain’s license, and Maryann Johndrow, an AI technology expert, have combined their skills to develop BoatBot.

For brokers, BoatBot offers a unique advantage by enabling maintenance coordination, access to detailed service histories, and the ability to provide a virtual service department. This level of support and transparency is designed to instill confidence in clients and streamline the brokerage process.

BoatBot invites the marine community to experience the future of boating with a free trial. The app can be download from the Apple or Google stores, or visit for more information.

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