Brownell breaks ground on new facility

Brownell Boat Stands & Equipment announced that due to recent growth it has broken ground on a new manufacturing facility and has signed a new partnership with P&D Marine Services in the UK.
At almost 50,000 square-feet, the new manufacturing facility, located in Dartmouth, Mass., is 10% larger than Brownell’s current factory, which has served the company for all of its seven decades of business. Not too far from the company’s current facility, the company said this site will provide for an easy transition of the company’s existing staff. Set for a January 2025 opening, the new manufacturing facility is designed for a more natural flow in the production process allowing Brownell to expedite workflow, improve efficiencies, maintain the company’s high quality standards, and provide even better value to its customers.
Brownell also announced a deal with the company’s first-ever distributor in the United Kingdom, an exciting expansion into a new market. P&D Marine Services is Brownell’s first significant presence in the UK. P&D Marine Services has a storied past almost as long as the Brownell brand with over 50 years in the industry.
“These are some huge steps that we’ve been taking recently and we couldn’t be more excited for the future of growth that awaits us here at Brownell,” said Peter Hughes, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brownell Boat Stands. “Throughout our history as a company, we’ve maintained the highest quality standards – we’ve never had a recall, never had a failure, not once in seven decades in the industry. These thrilling new ventures will simply serve to boost our company-wide commitment to be and produce the absolute best of the best that our industry has to offer.”

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